The Yamnaya were regular horse riders (Heyd 2020)

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The Yamnaya were regular horse riders (Heyd 2020)

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New paper to appear soon in PNAS, The First Rider: Osteological Evidence for Earliest Horsemanship in a Yamnaya-related burial from Romania, by Martin Trautmann, Volker Heyd, Alin Franculeasa, Bianca Elena Preda-Balanica.

One of the most striking features of the Late Neolithic/ Early Bronze Age Yamnaya Culture from the North Pontic steppe area is the speed and extent of spread of its cultural and genetic “package” during a few centuries around 3000 BC.

While even a group of people walking on foot can migrate respectable distances, the exceptional success of Yamnaya groups seems difficult to explain that way. The use of horses for transport would certainly support a migration model; but so far, we do not have reliable clues for that. Now, the examination of Yamnaya-related human skeletons from Romania yielded findings that may be considered proof not only for casual, but regular use of horses as mounts by these early steppe herders spreading to the west.
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