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Welcome to Indo-European.info, the collaborative Wiki project for the development of the Indo-European demic diffusion model.

In this website you will find the history of the development and expansion of Indo-European languages, explained as a combination of Linguistics, Archaeology, Genetics, and Anthropology.

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PalaeolithicR1b and WHG ancestryIndo-Uralic and AfroasiaticANI and ASI ancestry


Palaeolithic-Mesolithic transitionR1a and EHG ancestryUralic and YukaghirI2 and SHG ancestry


Mesolithic-Neolithic transitionCHG ancestry and Indo-HittiteN1c1 and Uralic


Neolithic-Chalcolithic transitionAnatolianEtruscanLate Indo-EuropeanMaykopForest ZoneCorded Ware culture


Corded Ware migrationTocharian expansionLate Indo-European expansion


Yamna migrationYamna packageBell Beaker culturePaleo-Balkan languages


Bell Beaker expansionContacts between Bell Beaker and Corded Ware


Únětice cultureGermanicIndo-IranianGreekPaleo-Balkan languages




CelticItalicItalo-Celto-Germanic contacts


The content of this website is based on the paper Indo-European demic diffusion model, 3rd edition (PDF). Its maps are hosted at Indo-European.eu.

Everyone can collaborate by adding relevant linguistic, archaeological, genetic, and general anthropological data, preferably from papers published in peer-review journals, relevant to the most likely model of expansion of Indo-European-speaking peoples from the Pontic-Caspian steppe. Also encouraged is to directly link these sources, so that the reader can find important documents easily.

If you want to participate, please contact me at cquiles@academiaprisca.org to create an account. Editors with significant contributions will appear as co-authors of subsequent editions of the paper.

The content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license, so all texts of the project can be copied and continued elsewhere, at any time.

This website is hosted by Academia Biblos as part of Academia Prisca's Indo-European Network.


Tentative sketch modelling the genetic history of Europe and West Eurasia from ancient populations up to the Bronze Age, according to results in recent Genetic papers and archaeological models of known migrations.