I.8. Tyrsenian

It is impossible to reconstruct a common Proto-Tyrsenian version uniting Etruscan, Rhaetian, and Lemnian, due to the fragmentary (and secondary) nature of the currently available documents. However, many works of Helmut Rix have helped us understand the close connection between these languages.

This is a potential text of some lost Common Tyrrhenian language, by the time of its expansion into Etruria (i.e. already contaminated by Proto-Greek, and partially by Proto-Italic), with the help of some more or less accepted meanings (especially of Etruscan words) and common morphosyntactical features (Wallace 2008):

akne themnar-c

akne an lanes ein amai

themnar tefai;

ikani bam cukie afke,

ikani vel tul,

ikani turs keli tefrake.

akne themnar efai:

“khur mini maf,

lautn tfakesi themnar menke.”

themnar efai: “vot akne!

khur kene maf tfakesi,

lautn, laukh, aknearas laneale

eisi tep plutin kinakhe,

aknearas-um lanes ein ame.”

itani votku akne pesale lanśai.