AASI: Ancient Ancestral South Indian

AEA: Ancient East Asians

AHG: Anatolian Hunter-Gatherer

AME: Ancient Middle Easterner

ANA: Ancient North African

ANE: Ancient North Eurasian

ANI: Ancestral North Indian

ANS: Ancient North Siberian

ASI: Ancestral South Indian

AP: Ancient Palaeosiberian

BA: Bronze Age

BBC: Bell Beaker culture

BMAC: Bactria and Margiana Archaeological Complex

BE: Basal Eurasians

CA: Copper Age

CHG: Caucasus Hunter-Gatherer

CWC: Corded Ware culture

CWE: Common West Eurasian

CEU: Central European

GAC: Globular Amphora(e) culture

EBA: Early Bronze Age

EEA: Early East Asian

EEBA: Early European Bronze Age

EEF: Early European Farmer

EH: Early Helladic

EHG: Eastern Hunter-Gatherer

EIA: Early Iron Age

ENA: Eastern non-Africans

EWE: Early West Eurasians

EN: Early Neolithic

FBA: Final Bronze Age

IA: Iron Age

IE: Indo-European

IN: Iranian Neolithic

LBA: Late Bronze Age

LBK: Linearbandkeramik

LCA: Late Chalcolithic

LN: Late Neolithic

MBA: Middle Bronze Age

MCW: Multi-Cordoned Ware

MLBA: Middle–Late Bronze Age

MN: Middle Neolithic

NWAN: North-West Anatolian Neolithic

PCA: Principal Component Analysis

PIE: Proto-Indo-European

PU: Proto-Uralic

SNP: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

SRBW: Simple-Relief-Band Ware

TMRCA: Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor

TRB: Funnel Beaker culture

WHG: Western Hunter-Gatherer

WSHG: Western Siberian Hunter-Gatherer