Table of Contents
Guide to the reader
List of Supplementary Figures
I. Palaeolithic
II. Mesolithic
III. Neolithic
IV. Early Æneolithic
V. Middle and Late Æneolithic
VI. Early Chalcolithic
VII. Late Chalcolithic
VIII. Early Bronze Age
    VIII.1. The European Early Bronze Age
    VIII.2. Southern EEBA province
    VIII.3. Mediterranean EEBA Province
    VIII.4. Iberian EEBA province
    VIII.5. Western EEBA province
    VIII.6. Central EEBA province
    VIII.7. Northern EEBA province
    VIII.8. Eastern EEBA province
    VIII.9. Adriatic province
    VIII.10. Carpathian province
    VIII.11. Balkan province
    VIII.12. The Aegean
    VIII.13. Anatolia
    VIII.14. The Caucasus
    VIII.15. Eastern European Forest Zone
    VIII.16. Fennoscandia
    VIII.17. Eurasian forest-steppes
    VIII.18. Eurasian steppes
    VIII.19. Pontic–Caspian steppes
    VIII.20. Turan and South Asia
    VIII.21. Siberia