4.17. Finno-Permic

While Proto-Finno-Samic is generally accepted to have formed a genetic group, further subdivisions up the tree until Proto-Finno-Permic (or even Proto-Finno-Ugric) may be controversial. The following is the supposed phonetic evolution of Proto-Finno-Ugric to the Proto-Finno-Permic stage (Sammallahti 1988):

·       In stressed syllables *ë *, *̅ *ō (through an intermediate *̅?); *ë *ŭ, *a *u, although PFU *i had already started lowering towards *a.

·       The consonantal paradigm remains largely the same, although * *v (with secondary * developed word-initially in Proto-Permic).

·       The phonotactic system is somewhat different from the previous one: there are several PFP stems with word initial *r; geminate consonants may have also contained *čč.