4.4. Thracian

Information on the Thracian language is limited (Brixhe 2018):

·       Most likely the language underwent Lautverschiebung: *bh/dh/gh → *b/d/g; *b/d/g → *p/t/k; *p/t/k → *ph/th/kh.

·       Loss of final consonants.

·       Possible palatalisation of *d/g before front vowels (no generalised palatalisation trend).

·       Toponymic lexemes: -para, -diza, -bria.

Newly interpreted material from Zone has rendered old interpretations of a Thracian and a Daco-Moesian or Daco-Getian groups obsolete. Today, the most likely interpretation of the language spoken in the Zone-Samothrace region is of one split from an older Graeco-Thraco-Phrygian community in the Balkans.