Table of Contents
Guide to the reader
1. First stage
2. Second stage
3. Third stage
4. Fourth stage
I. Schleicher’s fable in other proto-languages
II. Laryngeal loss and vocalism
    II.1. Laryngeals
    II.2. Laryngeal evolution
       II.2.1. Late Proto-Indo-European
       II.2.2. Common Indo-European
       II.2.3. Disintegrating Indo-European
       II.2.4. Late Indo-European dialects
       II.2.5. Laryngeal remnants in early Indo-European proto-languages?
       II.2.6. Laryngeal reflexes in North-West Indo-European
    II.3. In search for a stable paradigm
    II.4. Conclusion: An evolutionary view of laryngeal PIE
III. The three-dorsal theory