Table of Contents
Guide to the reader
1. First stage
2. Second stage
3. Third stage
4. Fourth stage
I. Schleicher’s fable in other proto-languages
II. Laryngeal loss and vocalism
III. The three-dorsal theory
    III.1. Introduction
    III.2. In support of two series of velars
       III.2.1. Allophones
       III.2.2. Complementary distribution
       III.2.3. Labiovelars in satem dialects
       III.2.4. Natural evolution
       III.2.5. Statistics of velars
       III.2.6. Differences among satem dialects
       III.2.7. Alternation
       III.2.8. Number of satemisation trends
       III.2.9. Generalised palatalisation trend
       III.2.10. Palatalisation not defined by dialectal branch or territory
       III.2.11. Prevalence of velar systems
    III.3. In support of three series of velars
    III.4. Conclusion