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  1. To find phrasal verbs or compound words, look for them with hyphens. For example, "be-afraid", not "be afraid".To exploit the potential of this dictionary-translator software, you can look up multiple words (e.g. synonyms) at the same time.
  2. This translator is based on Julius Pokorny's Indo-European Etymological Dictionary which can be further looked up as WebHelp at the Indo-European Etymological Dictionary site. The work contains derivatives and Proto-Indo-European reconstructions in the different languages.
  3. You can further look up the roots and their meaning in the German version of this dictionary-translator. You can also look up the fully reconstructed Late Proto-Indo-European words in Fernando López-Menchero's Late Proto-Indo-European Etymological Lexicon, which has its dictionary-translator at Indo-European dictionary-translator.
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