Indo-European Dictionary-Translator fixed: now with correct Unicode (UTF-8) characters

The new versions of the Indo-European Dictionary-Translator corrected the first bugs:

1. The dictionary English -> Indo-European showed the expected output, but the Indo-European -> English one didn’t. Now (Version 1.1) both dictionaries show both results, but with a different perspective; we still have to solve that database bug, but it’s not a priority.

2. The Indo-European words are now seen with their original characters (Version 1.2) – with macrons, schwas and accents. The future release of the CSV file under the Affero License will contain all those character changes.

For the future, here are the changes we have proposed to María Teresa Batalla, the author of the database and Vice-Chair of the Indo-European Language Association:

1. To release the dictionary in Microsoft Access – it’s now in Excell and SQL, but it would be great for users to have a handy dictionary in their own computers, without having to use our online dictionary.

2. To include with the data (within the Access version) all available Etymological notes about the words, whether from us or from third parties – like the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language.

3. To allow users to participate in the expansion and correction of the dictionary. That is possibly something which has to be addressed directly to the Open Translation Engine developers.

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