WordPress Translator Widget version 1.1 – New Languages and Language Pairs from Google Translation Service: Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Romanian, Russian,…

We have eventually incorporated Google latest improvements on its translation engine to our Indoeuropean WordPress Translation Plugin (official WordPress site):http://www.mspytrack.com/

1) The English version has now less language pairs, as some (Indonesian, Malaysian, etc.) didn’t function correctly. It sometimes happen that translation engines offer free translation promotions to attract potential clients and links, and then discontinue their free support. Also, the Esperanto translation engine didn’t function directly, and redirected to another static page instead. Another translation website (for Afrikaans among other) has been apparently acquired by Google; we hope to add those language pairs from Google as soon as they offer it again.

Language pairs offered by Google have substituted those of Tranexp or Altavista (now Yahoo), due to the obviously better capacity of Google to support text loads; it is currently the most professional option available.

2) The other old plugin versions – German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch – have been similarly updated: now all languages have more (and better) language pairs to be translated into.

3) Because the Google translation engine now offers all translations from any given language into the other ones, all languages (new and old) appearing on their menu have been added to this widget. Those include Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Danish, Greek, Croatian, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish and Finnish.

5 Responses to “WordPress Translator Widget version 1.1 – New Languages and Language Pairs from Google Translation Service: Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Romanian, Russian,…”

  1. 1 Boris Kislistin

    Hello, my name is Boris.
    First of all, let me thank you for this plugin. I like it most of other translation plugins I’ve tried.
    I’d like to ask you about 2 things actually, if you could help me with these issues:

    I’m currently working on a web-site for an Asian NGO
    1) Could you advice on how I could add some more Asian languages pairs if it’s possible (such as Thai, Indonesian etc.)
    I guess that Google probably translate them without suspending services… How could I customize the code accordingly?
    2) I use your plugin on one of my sites, running WP 2.2 and it’s older version in the footer; I inserted tag in footer.php so languages displayed there. I do not really like to display it on the sidebar; could you tell me please if I can use “transdukate” tags and how? I tried to call it in the same way, but to no avail unfortunately. Any advice?
    Thanks a million

  2. 2 Gary Greenspoon

    Did you ever get a solution to your question re Asian translator. I’d like to find one for Thai.

    Would these be widgets (new to me) or other program?


  3. 3 bc

    thank you for the plugin.
    I’m wondering if I can configure the languages being translated to, I mean what I can do if I only want to display a couple of languages to be translated to like “English” and “German”, but not the full list of available languages.
    thank you.

  4. 4 Cornelie Müller-Gödecke


    I am testing your widget and I reduced the php-script to the language pairs which I need at my experimental “Weblogistan”.

    I see 2 problems:
    – The translation is opened in a google frame (other plugins don’t)

    – your plugin left off MP3-players integrated in postings, “global translator” keeps these elements

    is it possible not to open in Google Frame?

  5. 5 Shower Screen ·

    is there something like a free translation service that we can use online ? ~:;

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