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WordPress Indoeuropean Translator Widget, version 1.2.3 – newest languages from Google Translate added, and new menu version

We have added the newest languages from Google Translate engine to our Indoeuropean WordPress Translation Plugin (visit its official WordPress site)

1) All languages are now translated from and into all languages – every language version offers the same number of language pairs.

2) Because the Google translation engine now offers all translations from any given language into the other ones, all languages (new and old) appearing on their menu have been added to this widget. Those include Afrikaans, Belarusian, Welsh, Irish, Icelandic, Macedonian, Malay, Swahili, Yiddish.

3) A new menu version is intended for those who want a menu similar to the one offered by Google Translate Gadget, but without the Google style, logos and links.

For examples of the output of the different versions, please visit the site of the WordPress Translation Plugin at In the sidebar of this blog you can see an example of the horizontal version.

WordPress Translator Widget version 1.1 – New Languages and Language Pairs from Google Translation Service: Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Romanian, Russian,…

We have eventually incorporated Google latest improvements on its translation engine to our Indoeuropean WordPress Translation Plugin (official WordPress site):

1) The English version has now less language pairs, as some (Indonesian, Malaysian, etc.) didn’t function correctly. It sometimes happen that translation engines offer free translation promotions to attract potential clients and links, and then discontinue their free support. Also, the Esperanto translation engine didn’t function directly, and redirected to another static page instead. Another translation website (for Afrikaans among other) has been apparently acquired by Google; we hope to add those language pairs from Google as soon as they offer it again.

Language pairs offered by Google have substituted those of Tranexp or Altavista (now Yahoo), due to the obviously better capacity of Google to support text loads; it is currently the most professional option available.

2) The other old plugin versions – German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch – have been similarly updated: now all languages have more (and better) language pairs to be translated into.

3) Because the Google translation engine now offers all translations from any given language into the other ones, all languages (new and old) appearing on their menu have been added to this widget. Those include Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Danish, Greek, Croatian, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish and Finnish.

Indoeuropean Translator Widget version 1.0.3

The German version still didn’t work right. There was a (almost the same) stupid mistake in the PHP code, which had to be corrected. Now all versions seem to work right.

For more language pairs, please consider the fact that their outputs are not so good as with Google or Babelfish (Altavista-Systran). 

Please try the Swedish (svenska) version before asking for new language pairs,  to see if the translation output is good enough for you. Long and specialized texts, for example, might get impossible to read using TranExp…

WordPress Indoeuropean Translator Widget upgrade – XHTML bug

This release of the WordPress Indoeuropean Translator Widget corrects a very stupid XHTML mistake we hadn’t seen before, hidden because of the good behaviour of Mozilla and Opera web browsers.

Internet Explorer’s bad output showed the error: there were no initial nor closing List (li)
declared in some vertical language pairs.

The new corrected version is now 1.01, still not stable – call it pre-Alpha, Aleph, or however you like 😉

The Indo-European Language Assoc.

Indo-European Translator Widget for WordPress

After waiting three weeks for a confirmation of to upload the widget and the ReadMe file to their plugin repository, we’ve decided to release the first version of the WordPress Translator Widget here for download.

It is based on the simplest WordPress Translator Plugin available out there, and – although more complicated in its design – it is easier to install for most users of WordPress.

We’ll wait to see if can make use of a account to make new releases. Until then, if you use this widget, please subscribe to this blog so that you are always informed about possible security or working bugs.

The Indo-European Language Association.