MediaWiki Skin

Indoeuropean MediaWiki SkinName: IndoEuropean
Author: Carlos Quiles
Version: 1.1 (06/2/2009)


  1. Orange-white theme based on MonoBook.
  2. It uses Unicode fonts (Arial, Lucida Sans, GNU).
  3. Tested with MediaWiki from vv. 1.9.xx up to 1.13.3, with most extensions used in WikiMedia projects.
  4. Website Title (tagged <h1>) instead of graphic logo.
  5. CAction buttons to the left.
  6. Works fine with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome.

It has been designed and redesigned (always based on MonoBook) since the beginning of 2006. Public release for download in 2009.

Indoeuropean MediaWiki Skin

Websites Using IndoEuropean Skin:

Originally designed for the Indo-European Etymology Dictionary, it is also used in:

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