Indo-European Online Translator-Dictionary version 1.0 (post-Wlqo)

We have eventually opened up our Indo-European Vocabulary database again, to be used with the Indo-European Dictionary-Translator.

– We are already using the latest version (0.9.4) of the Open Translation Engine (OTE) free software – a simple but powerful combination of PHP and MySQL.

– There is a display error to be solved; namely, the correct replacement of data (Indo-European phonetic and writing characters) with the appropriate UTF-8 codes.

– Another, not-so-urgent task is to repair the Indo-European terms relationship, which appears to be broken. The English dictionary works, though.

– A future addition will be the possibility to edit the database directly, i.e. to add words for newly registered users, and to delete and correct existing words for those registered users we approve. Until now, this had to be done manually through MySQL…

Our thanks to the OTE guys for their continuing support to the Translation Engine Project.

The Indo-European Language Association

WordPress Indoeuropean Translator Widget upgrade – XHTML bug

This release of the WordPress Indoeuropean Translator Widget corrects a very stupid XHTML mistake we hadn’t seen before, hidden because of the good behaviour of Mozilla and Opera web browsers.

Internet Explorer’s bad output showed the error: there were no initial nor closing List (li)
declared in some vertical language pairs.

The new corrected version is now 1.01, still not stable – call it pre-Alpha, Aleph, or however you like 😉

The Indo-European Language Assoc.

Indo-European Translator Widget for WordPress

After waiting three weeks for a confirmation of to upload the widget and the ReadMe file to their plugin repository, we’ve decided to release the first version of the WordPress Translator Widget here for download.

It is based on the simplest WordPress Translator Plugin available out there, and – although more complicated in its design – it is easier to install for most users of WordPress.

We’ll wait to see if can make use of a account to make new releases. Until then, if you use this widget, please subscribe to this blog so that you are always informed about possible security or working bugs.

The Indo-European Language Association.

A New Site for Indo-European Software Projects

This is still another WordPress blog from the Indo-European Language Association, exclusively dedicated to software development, especially to translators and dictionaries, from and into the different Indo-European languages and (indeed) Modern Indo-European.

That’s all for now.